Apart from the minor, unimportant fact that Google didn’t hire me.

Humans are the only species that have to work for a living. It is a curse that we have invited upon us. OK, other animals have to make an effort to find food, seek a mate, or find a safe place to sleep. But all that is not “work” in my opinion. It’s the same as ordering groceries, working hard to make an impression on your first date, and locking the door before going to bed. It is just survival.

But humans have to work, not because we have…

This is great, and the guidelines at the end are very succinct evaluation criteria. But there is this "story" that I need to write which is essentially a refactor which will improve scalability and save about 10% of our infrastructure costs. How do I suggest I justify this? It doesn't fit under any of the suggestions.

Dilbert by Scott Adams

For some organizations, the year ends in March, and for some others, in December. The managers that work in the December-end organizations have my sympathies, because:

  • They have the same amount of regular work as other days,
  • They have half the time due to the holidays,
  • They have paid time off, and if you don’t take it, it will lapse,
  • They have an additional workload — performance appraisals!

Many managers do the right thing: they take leave, work anyway, and spend extra time on appraisals. If they are on a vacation, then they do all this after their family has…

The story of an underprepared first-time marathoner

An artist’s view of coastal Mumbai from the Bandra-Worli sea link. Credit: Keerthana Srinivasan.

The run-up

I’d heard so much about the Mumbai Marathon, the crowds, the streets, the support of the people and the festive atmosphere. I wanted to run a half-marathon in the 2020 edition (TMM 2020 — Jan 19th) but to my dismay, I found in late November that registrations were closed for this category.

But the full marathon (the thing) was still open.

Even though I’d run many half-marathons, I never thought I’d run a full marathon, ever. It needed way too much discipline and loads of training, something I was not capable of. But…

I work with many startups and sometimes I want access to their EC2 instances on AWS. When I ask, often people send me a private key (a PEM file) to login! This distresses me to no end.

Guys, didn’t you know that a private key is, ahem, private?

When I thought about it, it occurred to me that one of the biggest culprits is AWS itself, because it gives an option to create a new SSH key pair while launching an instance. …

When you start with Scrum, do you go the whole hog and do it by the book? Or do you just do the daily stand-up and see how it goes? Are you even suited for Scrum? Finding the right balance for Scrum to be effective in the beginning can be tricky but not impossible.

I work with many startup teams and see them adopting Scrum, but some don’t do it wholeheartedly. They say, “Yeah, we’re doing Scrum, but…” Aha! ScrumButs! ScrumButs are the aspects of Scrum that they choose not to follow for the sake of convenience. But following only…

Often, when software engineering teams grow beyond a point, you find that productivity (defined as the amount of work produced per person) dips. Any feature addition seems to take forever. As you ponder what went wrong, you find solace in this famous quote:

“Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.” — Frederick Brooks in The Mythical Man-Month.

So, are you doomed? Is it a waste to even try and add people to an engineering team?

The answer was an emphatic no, when we asked STS Prasad, SVP of Engineering at Freshworks, Sourav Sachin, VP of Engineering at…

It’s not 10 minutes, it’s in fact an hour!

There are two interlinked concepts that make Bitcoin transactions slow. The first is related to the consensus mechanism and the second is related to the time it takes to transmit a new block to everyone else in the network.


The consensus mechanism that Bitcoin uses is called Proof of Work (PoW). For a block to be committed to the chain, a node has to prove that it has done some work by solving a mathematical puzzle. The actual puzzle is not that important, instead, what’s important is that it’s hard. …

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